If you're interested in entrepreneurship at Penn, but you're not ready to join our accelerator as a startup, our committee is the place for you. You'll join a team of students who has experience both running their own companies and advising fellow student entrepreneurs. You'll gain exposure to entrepreneurial marketing, finance and technology. Whatever you major or school, there's a place for you at WeissLabs. To learn more about joining the Weiss Tech House, please click here.

Our committee is made up of:


Louise Tanski

Louise Tanski ‘19

Major: Political Economy | American Public Policy

Louise is a senior from Lexington, MA. She was part of WeissLabs’ Spring 2017 Cohort as a sophomore with a company she co-founded, Dogodas Consulting, a firm specializing in eCommerce brand management and strategy. She loves learning about startups, biking/running around Philly, and spending time with her dogs (Tino and Charlie).

Griffin Fitzsimmons

Griffin Fitzsimmons ‘20

Majors: Networked & Social Systems Engineering (Singh Program) | Operations Management

Griffin is a junior from Rochester, New York. This is his third year with WeissLabs, and he is especially interested in working with software and cloud-computing startups. He is a wide receiver on the sprint football team and is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. He loves ping-pong, water skiing, and dim sum with friends. His always-correct opinions are expressed daily at @GKFitzsimmons on Twitter.

Heads of Mentorship

Swastid Shrika Badve

Swastid Shrika Badve ‘21

Major: Systems Engineering

Swastid is a Sophomore at Penn, majoring in Systems Engineering. In 2017, to further his nature conservation efforts, he co-founded a non-profit UNF that aims to conserve biodiversity hotspots across India. This summer, he worked at KPMG as well as at a boutique private equity firm. In his free time, he enjoys travelling, photography and reading.

Simcha S. Stadlan

Simcha S. Stadlan ‘21

Major: Marketing & Operation Management | Computer Science

Simcha is passionate about high-impact entrepreneurship and creative design in product development. He likes analyzing new business ideas and mentoring early-stage startup founders. He also enjoys reading books on behavioral economics, following Middle East news, and watching TV.

Head of Logistics


Sheil Sarda ‘21

Major: Computer Science | Finance

Sheil is currently pursuing a dual degree between Engineering and Wharton through the Jerome Fisher program. On the engineering side, he enjoys learning more about embedded systems – a cross of hardware and software. In Wharton, he enjoys studying finance and data science. Sheil is very passionate about entrepreneurship and plans to launch his own start-up at Penn. In his free time, Sheil enjoys reading non-fiction books and international travel.

Co-Heads of Marketing

Rynel Luo

Avni Ahuja '22

Avni is a freshman from New York, New York studying Computer Science and Cognitive Science. She loves learning about startups and is passionate about product development. She is also interested in design and the integration of design and programming in web development. For fun, Avni enjoys playing piano, coding challenges, eating good food, and plugging @foodie_in_nyc.

Rynel Luo

Shalva Gozland '22

Shalva is a freshman at Penn hailing from Teaneck, NJ. She is incredibly passionate about entrepreneurship and social impact, and there is nothing that excites her more than learning about the coolest new startups and innovations around. In her free time, she loves photography, traveling, reading motivational non-fiction, and of course, like every true college student, watching TV.

Committee Members